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"The next time that you go to the local emergency room and you get examined with an imaging machine think about how the machine got there. Do you have any idea? No? Did you build it? No? "

But that item is the result of research, study, the accumulation of knowledge and engineering to bring about a result, the accumulation of effort for a single result, the serialization of work (done probably by a handful of workers) to obtain an accumulated result, the serialization of labor for an end goal or product that benifits all, that contributes to the common good, that remains, that is achieved forever, that will be used over and over again (like information ? but we are all generating a never ending stream of information ? so that means there is a glut of information and all information workers are filling up a space already overflowing with information, but then how much constant and future work can there be if so much information is constantly being generated and is reusable ? (just write down all the combinations of symbols...) like a factory that is building trillions of cars constantly, since information occupies all space and time and more occupies the same metaphysical space, but how much work can there be for information workers when they are all wrting on the same page, the same things, all redundant and such, we have excess capacity in this kind of work...), the very concept of progress as the serialization of effort, the accumulation of work to obtain a clear result, and a clear "common good" for everyone, the common good, the accumulation of work and labor, large scale accumulations of labor, like large public private projects like space travel, the moon progam, skyscraper constructions, high speed train lines and so forth (and also we need to bring back trillions of ocean liners across the sea, all kinds of trans pacific and trans atlantic ocean liners, even through the indian ocean, huge ocean liners operating on nuclear engines travelling 300 km an hour and all such things and such). But that kind of work is being performed by a small percentage of workers, most work is the make believe of work, most work is redundant, most is just a make believe work that must simply reproduce power structures, heirarchies, bosses and workers and all such things, most is just make believe activities that only reinforce the very real status - power - office politics - winners - losers - inequality structures of all human relationships and such.

There are 100 million workers in the USA, maybe only 100,000 are building long lasting accumulated results like imaging machines and such, the rest are spinning their wheels. And being brainwashed that their labor is accumulative and serializable and for the common good when it is simply dispersion, waste, not building anything and such, just puny office politics, and fights.

As such most work is not accumulative or serializable, does not accumulate into common good results but are disjoint redundant power plays, the same power structures and human relationship fights over and over again all over the place but doesn't generate any output, any result, they just serve themselves and reproduce themselves to justify heirarchies, inequalities, winners and losers and such, most work is make believe activity used to reinforce rituals, behaviors, customs and such.

BUt if all those workers and efforts were focused on serializable results, accumulation of results we could have colonized the solar system and such. That is the meaning of excess capacity and why this non serialized work that now dominates the developed economies is obsolete, not needed, optional, and the reason why so little real work is being created: it is not needed, it just serves to reproduce itself, it serves to reinforce and impose behaviors and rituals that don't produce anything and such.

And all of these debates are vain in the end, we are all like lawyers, always finding a way to contradict and demonstrate the other message as wrong, we can keep on debating everything forever, and always find a loophole in some blocks of texts, contradict them, always find a new interpretation, a new fact, just like so many lawyers, finding all kinds of ways to justify one position against another, a never ending game where everyone is right and everyone is wrong and such: big box stores are good or bad ? take your choice, construct your arguments, you will always be able to find a million valid arguments in favor of them and a million valid arguments against them, but in the end it is only a fight, A against B, A wins B loses, end of story, and anyone can pretend to be A or B or take positions in the "war" in favor of A or B.

I like Big Box stores, we need to construct like crazy (and create excess real estate capacity so the value and cost of renting real estate becomes zero, free rents and such, free housing, crash real estate values by saturating the world with real estate), we need huge consumerism, we need to build like crazy, build and do things, and make ever bigger things, we need to go forward and increase activity like crazy, skyscrapers, trillions of big box stores, trillions of rockets, trillions of all things, I like that the amount of things keeps on increasing, fill the world up with things, saturate all with all kinds of things and then explode them, nuke it all, and mix them all up, muix up pictures and TV shows and TV sets and books and thoughts and emotions and pebbles and planets and formulas and concepts and points and square root symbols and mix things up like crazy, be crazy. AMEN.

All like lawyers, problems will never be solved since everything is always a problem, we will always have problems no matter what, we are problems, we are the problem. But this is simply all reciprocal information relationships, actions and reactions, an automatic reaction, you say A I will say B and contradict you, a mathematical function we execute constantly generating loads of blocks of texts, we are a fuction, a reply to a reply to a forever...

And Matter can be combined in so many different ways, we have a lot of disjoint chunks of matter combined in so many different ways on this planet thanks to Man Brains organizing it for functions in certain ways and such (or is it matter that organizes itself in certain ways through man brains by using brains as enzymes, reaction amplifiers ?) but imagine how many combinations of matter are possible near stars, inside other suns, on other planets, in the universe, so many different worlds and environments, in the center of planets having superfluid nucleus and such.

We have varied items apparently on our planet, but maybe the items can be even more varied even if they appear monolithic like a plasma in a star if the information relationships, the self reinforcing runaway informational reactions and relationships becoming repetitive patterns and such are even richer, way richer than what we experience by some kinds of observer types, other reciprocal plasmas, as all is a play of forces between observers, their functions and mental models and their environments and such, just like a computer sees a world as rich as ours when it looks at a movie, but the movie is only a sequence of bits and such.
And the computer can see and experience a much wilder and incredible and richer world by mixing up all the bits, making it totally unintelligible, but finding a way to read those new incredible worlds and movies and stories and such.

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