Saturday, March 2, 2013


And what if the new type of animal needs a trillion years to grow up ? and then maybe it can grow up and grow down ? and what if the new thing takes a 1,000 years to grow up from becoming a little baby to an old man and then it goes backwards from an old man to a little baby again forgetting all or maybe if it grows up and grows down in all kinds of ways and such and then maybe there are other electron people that can grow up and down in a picosecond (and a set of trillion of thing people observers all growing up and down at different frequencies, cross interacting and so forth, total confusion, total mixing of all chemicals and Infomration Sets as wild as possible) and then maybe matter can organize a lot of subsets into one and become a new person (a chair and a car tire and a mountain and a tree is a new person and such or a new society and such, a new history, history doesn't repeat itself) or system or civilization and then decompose into another and so forth, the distinction between infividual and system keeps on changing growning up and down and sideways and this and that and maybe the new alien race finds how to use all the pebbles on the street as a resource, as gold, maybe all the left over chips and circuits of trillions of years of electronic waste becomes the substrate for a new system of chemical reactions creatinng all kinds of civilization - electron people - cyborg - Instant Singularity Atom Bomb Brain Hybrids and so forth, and so and be a little baby, a little cry baby and invent all the craziest things, play make believe, play make believe in your backyard...while mommy cooks...



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