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Progress Terminated

Progress Terminated

Postby nameta9 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:43 pm
Progress Terminated

It used to be easy to recognize progress: cars got better between 1950 and 1980 or so, planes went from propeller to jets and so forth, TV went color, you could easily feel and enjoy and see progress. Now the progress is so indirect, vague, hard to pinpoint down (it is all based on invisibles like "air bags" or "electronic stability" and any other hosts of acronyms that are hard to see or feel or pinpoint down and so forth (if they are even present, if it is not all a hoax), the very idea that I have to know what operating system a smartphone has is so indirect, vague, abstract: who the heck cares! I just need some functions, end of story) all software, rituals, people based, fashion based things, I don't know, I am not convinced.

SO I was looking at Windows 8 and Word 8 and comparing it to what MS put out 15 years ago, Windows 95 and the old Word program: the older ones are way better, faster, clearer to understand, the menus are easy to spot, intuitive and so forth (in the newer Words menus can "disappear" and such, who the heck that idea ! so stupid!). Anyways the theory seems to go that if you can't go forward, if you cannot progress, than go backwards, regress technology. Really, how the heck is it possible that MS with all their cash and high tech brightest students hired have mostly gone backwards, have made no improvements at all but have worsened everything and gone way backwards in all of this technology and not forward ? it is beyond bold ! or is it exactly because they have the brightest, and they are all working hard, so hard that they go backwards instead of forwards, that they go in the opposite direction in the end. So maybe MS needs a lot fewer programmers, smaller programs and so forth, too many people just botch up everything.

And don't get me started that it is controversial: if something is better or worse according to taste, preferences, artistic choices, then there is no discernible progress, progress is terminated, is over, undefined, it is all choices, decisions, software and people stuff, the soft stuff, politics, office politics, legal fights, standards, all kinds of complicated where progress is no longer the issue, now it is all politics and fights and such, you can't really see distinct and clear progress anymore, it is all so indirect, abstract, requires so many extra thought paths and such: it used to be so easy, you saw better right way, it was obviously better, things really progressed and went forward, not anymore, it was not all political like today.

Anyways, the rant is not only directed to MS, but I see this happening in so many things and areas, we go backwards instead of forwards, if you can't go forwards, go backwards, if you can't progress anymore go backwards. Like working so hard that you actual break things, you actually unwork what was previously achieved, going backwards, not only diminishing returns but negative returns, the more you work hard, the more you change and "innovate" and "research" the more everything becomes worse, breaks, goes backwards (and don't even get me started on medicine, health care and so forth, now everyone is considered "autistic", is sick , has a sickness, needs a drug, needs a test, needs to pay huge amounts of money to the health care mob and so on), we're headed towards the stone age through all of this new fangled innovation and research and fake "progress". Progress Terminated.

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