Monday, March 4, 2013

Stick em

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Stick em, stick em, cram it down their throats, cram it down nature's throat, force growth, build the big boxes like crazy, do it man, stick it, stick it to them, cram growth down society's throat, cram it to them, forced growth, build, nuke, be crazy, do it all, build trillions of things waste like crazy, pollute, punish nature, stick em.

I am so sick and tired of this Nature protection, environment protection, green economy, what a boatload of crap, what copy cats everyone is, oh, you are all "so good", what crap, I hate their guts, they think they are all so good with this nature loving crap: why isn't there an anti green movement sticking it to them and everyone else ? we want global devastation and warming, we hate nature, we wan to punish nature, and all these fairy good nature lovers, enough, I am sick and tired.

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