Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rich to Poor

When a society goes from poor to rich, everything is getting better, is growing, there is hope, drive and so forth: when a society goes from rich to poor, everyone gets mad, is nervous, is angry sad wants to find someone else to blame and fights and so forth, dictatorships may come to be, wars, chaos, but no solutions will come. And this is what is happening in Southern Europe, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy etc.

And the modern civilization went from poor to rich from 1850 to 1990 and so, everything was going forward, getting better, a win win situation, you studied for the future, there would be high tech jobs, new money, projects, and so on. Now the developed world is going backwards, fighting each other over the costs of health care, can you believe that ? something so stupid as this ? I can't believe it! and we are wasting money buying cell phones, fancy cell phones. Can you believe that ? incredible, we are doomed, a society that is going from rich to poor, everyone will fight everyone else, everyone wants to find who is to blame, everyone in fighting mode, who on earth is going to hire when everyone hates everyone else and so forth ?

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