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Industry as the construction of functions, the construction of partial functions, but invert the functions and let us the users be the functions for the functions, the cars are the living beings and observers and we are bringing them around and such, but the functions are always partial, always a means for another end which is a means for another end and so forth, the highway is a function for the cars which are a function for the jobs and so forth, but the network of functions can be delimited in any possible way and we can say the car tire and the headlight is a function for the highway and such, and confuse it all and let the partial functions extend in time and space, a trillion years of events across the universe is simply a function for a pebble, for a spark plug in an engine and such, the partial network of functions can extend in space and time and be constructed with so many partial chunks of things, not matter but things as thoughts, words, numbers headlights car tires, bricks and so forth, movies, concepts ,songs, all confused, all mixed up and all being functions or invariants of functions to other invariants, a function to invariant converter, we are the invariant, but we become a function and the number 8 becomes the observer invariant and so forth and such, break all barriers between mental concepts and compartments, mix it up, break away from the past, break through the barriers of logic and meaning, create new circuits in brain type observers, mix the words up, mix the concepts up, be confused, get it all wrong, invent the wildest, make it all go crazy, do it man, first gear its all right, second gear your out of sight third gear hang out tight, groovy man groovy, sock it to me, groovy man.

And then the factory is the end point, the final goal, the final symbol, or maybe the entire history of a factory is just a word in a language of another word and so forth, mix it up, put everything inside everything else, stable functions for partial ends and goals, but what is the partial end of a spark plug an ocean a star and a glass of water ? what function does that have as connected to a slab of steel ? (and all of the other possible combinations delimitations, the numbers are trillions the possibilities are trillions an ocean of functions, invariants, worlds, goals and tasks put upside down, all gone wild and crazy and such) and other partial goals and means and ends, and make them become total goals, no longer partial network of functions, but one monolithic function occupying all space and time and all meanings and so forth, and disconnect functions from use and meaning and make them become new universes and so forth, you get it...

the clown, the spark plug

the 8ape 8 spark

the clown plug

the spark

just sign out as god, just sign out as god...

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