Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reply To Flanel Jesus 2 :



reply to 8 man was:

"So the one time you deviate from your endless repetitive spamming is to be an absolute cunt?
Fantastic contribution you've made..."

8 thugs reply:

Reply To Flanel Jesus 2 :

Well flanel sweater could have at least replied as follows:

"Thank You For Replying To Liz On My Behalf."

Anyways, thug head hits the nail on the head by saying that we need things, we need to saturate the world with things, ever more things, all kinds of things, cars, books, buildings, malls, big box stores, glasses, thoughts, concepts, text, symbols, you name it anything, all things, the craziest things, the most different things imaginable, a number, a concept, a box, plastic glasses you name it, just take any random set of things in a dump, that is so cool, ever more things, different things, so damn cool! I like that the number of things in the world is constantly increasing, the more things are put in the world, the more we all get rich, the more things are available to everyone, sooner or later it will become available to all and it will cost zero, a technological economy has so much economies of scale, produces so much free wealth that the cost of everything will drop to zero sooner or later, build trillions of homes and buildings, finally the cost of a house will become zero, free, build trillions of luxury cars, the cost of them will finally become zero, of course the rich could try to block you away from having that which is essentially free today by using cost as a barrier, as a fence to keep you out, but it will eventually become free. (what is this wishful thinking ? superstition ? a new religion ? a new faith in some new metaphysical mechanism ? is human nature finally different from what it has always been and namely fight, A against B, A wins B loses end of story ?)

So I like things, all kinds of things, disjoint things, totally unrelated things, manufacture trillions of things, I like big numbers, I like that everything is accumulating, is adding up and such. Do you know how many capacitors are in the world today ? trillions now (just cell phones have tens and we sell a billion cell phones a year)! do you know how many resistors are in the world today ? trillions ! that is so cool! I like big numbers, big numbers of things, saturate the worlds with big numbers, make them produce and buy luxury cars, soon we will all have a ferrari, keep on going.

And anyways, the rich deserve it, they worked hard, they risked and played the game and won, all you losers are envious and jealous, fairy tale green protecting, tree huggers are losers and fairies, you lost the game, I won, I win, ha ha I win, !

ON another note, I was calculating that in any population in NYC at least 100,000 families are rich enough to buy million dollar homes, but they don't have to, they already have them, but they can always choose to hike up the values of homes if they go on a frenzy, all of a sudden, something that could happen, or they could just keep their cash and wait, just like a chemical reaction, a small amount of a substance can change and create a reaction, a small amount of cash can hike up prices or keep them steady (they rarely go down, but anyways), but then: this is all very random, just a random bit (chaos, blind forces operating, total random, unpredictable), just if a few families all of a sudden decide to buy you could have a fast chain reaction and hike up prices and such, always punishing the poorer, but anyways: build trillions of homes, saturate the world and then they will cost zero, but even this is iffy, maybe they would all be bought by a few rich people and you would always be at the same spot again, but anyways.

thug head

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