Friday, March 8, 2013

correction 2

Correction 2:

"More precisely: the mistake was in thinking that that lifestyle was normal, would continue forever (no one seemed to notice how new it was, that it was only around for a few decades, that is was all very iffy, given how many things could change and happen and given the history of humanity), when it was due to a set of converging forces and a configuration of forces, technology, international division of labor situation (the only industrialized areas were the USA and then the EU and JAPAN) that made that lifestyle possible; thinking and planning and expecting - the expectations - that the future will be like the present and even better (hence you can make all the debts you want, the future will go forward, things will always improve, I will get a raise and a better job and so forth), that lifestyle was eternal, it was always going to be like this, we will always need to go to college, land a steady job (only to hear corporations and economists and politicians start chanting and complaining that you need to change type of jobs every 2 years, you will need constant training and ever more education, you will need to "hone" your skill set, and change your skill set constantly given all the new fangled technology that will come online and so forth: but all of these excuses were a kind of rationalization to try to explain why jobs weren't be created at the rate the economist, the optimistic economists expected (it was always the workers fault), as if having full employment is a given, is natural and normal, is even necessary (it should be the other way around, a progressing society that is going towards the future should really need less and less work and jobs and such: many jobs needed means many problems needing to be solved, means we are not "pregressing" but going backwards, we're not being "productive" or "efficient" and such), there will always be so many jobs, all based on innovation and new tecnhology and new things and opportunities and so forth. Nothing further from the truth. Actually the truth is always nothing further from the truth."

But the powers that be, the economists, corporations and so forth can actually force the truth to be what they want, can program the truth, create the truth by forcing things to abide to models no matter what, to go in a certain direction according to the model they always chant about and such by sheer force: if they say the economy will need a million programmers and then they all agree to hire them just to make the model become true, just to actually instantiate the truth, invent and create a truth, then as usual, there is no truth, only truths and models and expectations that are arbitrarily chosen and then forced to be without any justification: a language that becomes a command language, from describing something, from saying what the objective truths are to actually programming that truth to become such in reality, also by brainwshing everyone of this truth, and then making the truth become real and such. And this can be done in so many areas, issues, politics, governments, choices and so forth, without anyone noticing, but who cares, if it works, it doesn't matter if you notice, a truth that comes about through a command language, programmed by a command language (or even by customs, behaviors, rituals, whatever) is indistinguishable from an objective truth revealed externally from the system, but since society and man and such is the system looking at itself, describing itself, programming itself, it is also the system programming itself, inventing itself, creating and reinforcing its own truths.

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