Saturday, March 9, 2013



It is all superstition today, like the greens against Nuclear, this mysterious "bad thing", this "devil", all superstitious, all afraid of ghosts and imaginary boogy mans and such: there has never been an era so full of superstition, knowledge, science and at the same time so religious, irrational, so stupid; science and knowledge didn't really bring anything to the table, for every new scientific fact or data, there is a never ending debate and fight and politics about what it means, who is right, what to do, the more science the more fights and politics and debates and choices and unknowns and so forth, all controversial; like we know everything and we know nothing at the same time; we have everything and we have nothing at the same time; religion went out of the door to come back through the window in the form of science, greens, data and controversial ideas, everything is questioned, everything is unsure, nuclear is obviously the best energy source but pure religion and superstition and so many idiots debating something so obvious has made it go away: we need way more nuclear, the only really clean energy source there is. Just like "innovation" creating millions of jobs is superstition, is a make believe, is an abstract uncontrollable "new fact" that we now "know", or labor reforms will make Spain and Italy "grow again", all make believes, all BS, all hot air just to make believe that they are on top of it, that they are in control that they know what they are doing and talking about: nothing further from the truth, they just repeat all the BS everyone else repeats, like a prayer, like a religion, all copy cats, all the data can be manipulated to show that anything is true or false and so forth, no one knows anything or can control anything (like 300,000 new jobs were created in the USA in february: wow, who would have imagined, but is it true ? what jobs ? can I control that new fact ? and so on), and the real mistake is to take anyone seriously, is to take humanity and this huge civilization as something having value and worthwhile when it is all crap, useless, make believe, irrational, we are all still in the stone ages, we are an ape age animal, nothing more.

But so it is with all, everything is acronyms, new names, new concepts, people selling things based on things that are invisible, like the quad core phones and such: well who ever noticed the difference ? all of these tags and features, all names of invisible, abstract things that you can't measure or know, see or touch, or understand all to sell some imaginary "better thing" this is all superstition, 100,000 apps (apps to do exactly what ? so many different things ? incredible who would have ever imagined, I can't imagine more than 10 different things but these guys invented 100,000 different things, wow!=) ) the multi core PCs haven't improved crap, it is all make believe, it is all a marketing scheme, and then I even doubt the chips have more than one cpu and maybe they only have a few hundred thousand transistors and it is all a hoax, a make believe, but who would ever notice ? how could you ever find out ? and the same with drugs, sicknesses, and all kinds of things, sell invisible things, sell financial products, sell this and that but be sure that it is incomprehensible, invisible, indirect and abstract and people are under the thumb of the experts having "faith" in the experts, the new gurus and so forth, all superstition, all unknown, uncontrollable, unknowable and so on and so forth and such.

The Information Age, everyone can say anything and debate everything to not get anywhere, the more information and knowledge, the more conflicts, debates, politics, fights and so on, nothing that is accumulating and going forward, we are at the end of progress, progress self destroyed by too much information.

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