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Party Pooper ?

Re: Lamborghini

Postby nameta9 » Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:34 pm
lizbethrose wrote:
uglypeoplefucking wrote:What i take away from the OP is that people who can afford to spend 3.9 million on a collectible car shouldn't be getting tax breaks. Be wrong and call me envious if you want, but i happen to agree. i also think using money that way is a pretty douchebaggy thing to do, but there's not much anyone else can do about it, except maybe take more money from them. Say state and federal sales taxes on such purchases that would effectively double the price. Make them give back as much as they squander.

This is what I mean by defeatism--There's nothing we can do. Well, six senators are retiring. You can always work toward getting your guy elected. Maybe s/he won't win, but at least you've tried. Not much in the general scheme of things, you say. Probably, but it's a start.

On the other hand, there so much money being spent--frittered away--by the Pentagon and the DOD. Almost $400B has been lost to Lockheed Martin and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program ([url][/url].) The project has never worked as it was proposed--the software developers are working solo (they're not even interconnected with each other.) But the main thing is the plane is in production and has been sold without complete testing. Only 20% of the flight testing has been done, so no one knows for sure if the plane is safe under combat conditions.

I'm sure there are other, very similar, stories hiding in the depths of the darkest closets on 'the Hill.' And I'm sure a lot of people will say--I don't have the time to look into any of them. And it's an arduous job to decide who to vote for. But you'll be voting for the people who create the legislation that determines how your money will be spent. In many ways, voting for the people who'll vote for you is much more important than voting for the President.

Thank you, upf.

Party Pooper ?

Why are you all such party poopers ? why can't I simply enjoy my million dollar car ? isn't this a free country anymore ? why should I feel guilty ? who cares, I can't solve the problems of the world, the world will always have problems, people suck, people are unlucky, this and that, a never ending stream and list, sequence of bits describing this or that or debates, etc. people fight, there are 7 billion turds on earth and so there are 7 billion problems, how on earth can I solve them ? who cares, let me enjoy my cash, end of story. And thousands of factories and industries and jobs are based on enjoying your cash and not worrying about all the problems of the world and such.

So the F35 sucks, who cares, so billions of dollars were "wasted": no they weren't wasted they payed thousands of high paying salaries, the goal is not the fighter plane, the goal is to create an excuse to give out salaries, the end result doesn't count, only paying people counts, get it now ?

Then what excuse would the 2 trillion dollar health care mafia of the USA have, what would they have to show for such a huge amount of money stolen from society ? the really incredible wastes are never noticed! and then how is it ok for the rich to buy homes in cities around the world hiking up prices constantly and punishing all of the average joes with ever higher home prices ok and buying luxury cars a sin ? but no one ever notices this either since everyone is guilty in keeping home prices high, they should crash like crazy everywhere but everyone wants to keep them high (they all feel rich like this) so as to create a barrier and wall to entrance to the future generation that will never be able to buy or rent. such idiots!

1) why shouldn't I buy a 3 million dollar car ? because liz says so ? why should I care what liz wants ? why should I feel guilty ? should I always worry about all the poorer or unlucky turds of the world compared to me ? who gives two c*ks and a d*ck ?

2) why does flanel jesus suck so much ? why can't he respond with more than a one liner and cry about others insulting him ? why can't I openly insult anyone I want and be free to say anything I want, who cares! we are all talking to ghosts, abstract non existent entities and so forth.

liz, you suck, there I said it. Now what ? can you imagine how many people would love to insult wildly and crazily everyone else they could on forums and blogs and so forth but can't because of all of this hypocritical "political correct" things and all: just say, the truth: everyone hates everyone else, everyone is in fighting mode always, everyone is always refraining from beating everyone else up as soon as they could and so on, just be honest and let it all hang out. Don't be like flanel that would love to insult me wildly but wants to pretend to be a good little boy, jakasses! And then all he talks about ever is about other people and never their ideas and such.

There will always be fights, contradictions, you want A, I want B, A fight B and A wins and so on, just deal with it, no problem will ever be solved, man can never solve any problem, he is contrast fight, conflict, he is defined by fight, it will always be like this until you all finally decide to stick wild v8 engines in skulls and change the mind structure.

thug head

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