Friday, March 8, 2013

Models ?

All models of reality end up being false, so nothing new about GDP.

So why are you worshiping your pain ? your expectations didn't happen ? your model and model of the future has been denied, has been demolished ? well then you are fighting your own mind and your own models, the mind tortures itself with expectations of the future, how things will be, all kinds of dreams and movies of the future, plans, projects, this and that, when it is only random chaos reality deciding what will be, and then you are angry, or sad and mourn and worried and you worship your own pain, you worship the fact that your model was false, was denied, was contrasted, contradicted and such. But we are hard wired to be like this, maybe it has something to do with religion, nay, with logic and language, the moment you saw that you could control little things, you started to believe you could control larger things, things that extend in space and time, the future, other people and their behaviors, health, what other people do, that you could control other people's will power, have influence on them, convince them to do this or that and then you fought people and you hoped, hoped for the future, but it is all in vain, sooner or later your models will be demolished, any model, any hope and future, no matter how sure you think you are and such. But then exactly because so many models work out to be and work, that you get carried away believing that all your ideas and hopes and models and expectations and plans and so forth will play out like you think, and when they don't you just fight yourself, you worship your pain. The mind tortures itself thinking about it over and over again, the logic denied, always looking for a reason, why, why, who is to blame, I'll get back at you or something in the end and so forth, the expectations denied like a son who died in a war and all kinds of similar things. So hose this architecture of man brain, design a new one...

8 thugs, 8 MAN

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