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And the same progression of science and technology then passed on to the economy and the industrial revolution created the faith and myth in science, logic, reasoning, on trying to research and figure out things, sociology and economists exist in terms of trying to understand these events and figure them out and use theory, logic and reasoning to overcome problems and such, but it is all in vain, you cannot figure out conflicts, you can't think away conflicts, nay the more the conflicts the more the theories and attempts to figure them out and overcome them but they can never be overcome because the basis of man is conflict, fight, his very existence, definition, operating system is in terms of conflicts and fights and winners and losers and so forth and then the laws of conservation of conflicts is always operating, even if you solve one conflict and fight a new one will pop up somewhere else and such.

The positivism idea, illuminism, the success of science and logic and reasoning and such then made the cultural climate and environment believe in simple laws, linearity, the economy will always grow, we can solve problems if only we think them out hard enough and so, ever more thought and blocks of texts and debates and politics and research and technology but in the end it is all in vain, you cannot linerarize that which is random and undiscoverable, you cannot figure problems out in the end, this plan is doomed and such.  What we do have is a conflict to thought converter, a conflict to information converter, ever more conflicts, fights and debates generate ever more information and theories and so forth but bring no result, the project of science and logic and reasoning and illuminism and positivism is now failed now we are all spinning our wheels and running in circles: now the only solutions are forced solutions, shove it down everyone's throat, free salaries, free rents and such.

And this huge amount of information, knowledge, everyone is educated now and such (and of course now they don't want to do high precision labor in manufacturing, well if you needed those people then you should have trained them in such and you should have left them uneducated so that they wouldn't realize that their activity is so puny and such and the same problem is happening in china, too many educated kids don't want to slave labor in factories but the uneducated farmers are willing to since their expectations and cultural level do not make them notice the differences and such: leave them all ignorant then and make them work in factories or put in robots and end of story)
all this fake knowledge lends themselves to so many false and make believe reasons that are hiding a hidden agenda, everyone believing in the myth of logic, and the hidden agendas are hiding a win lose situation like when they want to blame labor laws for low growth in europe and such, a make believe cause to make a very real gain in a win lose situation and such, and the more conflicts and information the more room there is to make up all kinds of theories all kinds of imaginary causes and effects and try to brainwash everyone but in the end really hiding a hidden agenda and such.

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And all of the problems

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