Friday, March 1, 2013

Industrial Revolution ?

Industrial Revolution ?

So then maybe the real Technological Singularity is exactly this Technological Economy - Society evolving at a relatively high speed compared to Natural Evolution in the sense that it is not confined to only computers and them evolving but by an ensemble of Machines, Societies and People self interacting and evolving: after all a Singularity is simply Matter (and random but logical internal delimitations creating Observer - Universe Sets within) that is self evolving and self interacting with itself at a very high pace (internal self reinforcing runaway "chemical reactions" and such similar to "Natural Evolution" but at a higher speed and with many more Matter types and Matter configurations and possible organizations, nay, "chemical elements" with the elements being chips and people and brains and computers and networks and oil and thoughts and concepts and books and so forth, all kinds of wicked and random and disjoint "chemical elements" types)), Matter playing with itself and constructing all kinds of Interactions, Contraptions, Information Relationships and Transactions within itself, Events, in a sense Matter discovering its own laws of functioning and applying it to itself, a subset of a ball of matter discovering how to manipulate itself, how to delimit and decompose and construct other subsets of matter that interact and create all kinds of events and Experience Sets and so forth.

But then again maybe it really doesn't matter if Matter discovers the laws of its own functioning and such, maybe Matter must simply achieve a state within which it can obtain anything it wants, any sensation, experience set, and universe, no matter how far away and disjoint from what we now know and perceive, by creating a manipulable substrate where it can play with itself to no end, up to no possible limitation, maybe a kind of Virtual Reality Achieved where Matter can decide to create all other kinds of realities and so forth in a never ending recursion of realities, relationships, possibilities, sensations, brain types, sense organs and so forth, ever more surprising and exciting, ever more incredible and impossible and so forth.

So we can see the earth and the civilization ( the civilization being a thin liquid acting as an enzyme, as a reaction amplifier and enabler) upon it simply as a contraption that self manipulates itself and creates all kinds of events and evolutions and paths towards all kinds of singularities and such.

And then again the distinction between fake and natural may be non existent also because everything may be alive, the electron may be a living creature, that reproduce themselves or anything else, the electron is in a stable position because it is interacting with the proton but feels sensations, is a brain itself, or some kind of living contraption and so forth all the way down to infinity, even though we can't feel the sensations the electron is feeling and such.

Just like when the internet crosses forests and towns and information goes from one point to another, it ignores all the stuff in between, the pebble on the ground in that backyard has nothing to do with the information transmitting through that space at that moment and such, and yet maybe we are like that information unaware of the pebble and so forth, all kinds of, all kinds of possibilities and such, and maybe a new kind of information can use all of the stuff that is irrelevant and in between and create new worlds, the transmission line picks up the pebble and picks up a car and a car tire and creates a new chunk of information to transmit to the sun and so forth, incredible, crazy, make believe, be a little baby and such.

Electricity is an enabling technology: from that point on, all kinds of contraptions have been invented and applied by building on top of electricity and in the end the Internet and Computer have been built on top of that: but also the Internet and Computer are a second stage of enabling technology, all kinds of things will be built on top of this new substrate and so forth, everything being built on top of everything else, a first enabling technology, then a second (the Internet) and then a third (maybe blogs and blocks of texts ?) and then other substrates, ever more levels until Matter reaches total freedom to do all it wants, maybe the levels can extend to trillions maybe, make believe and baby is just the third level, who knows how many more are waiting to be executed and discovered and brought to life and such.


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