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Very Small World


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Very Small World

"The general idea is to stay happy by keeping your world very small, and not asking any deep questions, and maintaining the worldview of one's immediate "friends". "

Is there a difference between a big world and a small world ? they are just transacting information with another set of random bits made important by what others say are important. They are just interacting through any random set of customs, rituals and behaviors, any at all with any amount of people at all from zero to a million (a million friends on facebook?) and so forth.

We just convince ourselves that we are talking about about "deep" or general or important or big world ideas and questions, but it is all the same size and importance, it is all equal, there is no big world or little world, no deep or shallow, it is all the same, we simply assign something as deep or shallow or big or small in our mind arbitrarily, just according to customs, rituals, being copy cats (all of this nature loving crap), rituals and behaviors, culture, what others do and think, ways of thinking and doing which can be any at all.

And anyways, if they were to think and discuss and talk about big issues like the economy or global warming or anything else, would it make any difference ? they would just be putting together a string of symbols and sentences and ideas declaring what is right or wrong, what should be done, what is a problem and a solution but with absolutely zero power to force anything in any direction anyways, totally impotent to do anything no matter what, no matter how much you talk about it since the controlling causes of global warming, the economy, "peak oil" are so many, so abstract, so indirect, so global, so intractable, so debateatable, so controvertial, so unsure and so forth and such (events having no causes, problems having no solutions, non linearities, if there are no solutions to problems, there are no problems in the first place, since there are no causes and effects in the first place, like trying to force "economic growth" which is a process that kicks in automatically under certain very uncertain conditions and forces operating within a very narrow window of forces and possibilities and such) causes having no events, that it would be useless to waste time talking about these problems, studying them imaginig a solution and such especially when it all boils down to power struggles, fights, who is more powerful, who will do whatever they want anyways like china in africa and such.

And then it just makes you feel superior that you are talking about something important when you talk of super global abstractions and such, but in essence, all of these big and deep issues are puny, worthless and meaningless just like all the puny little things all the kids talk about or the puny phone games like angry birds the kids play and such.

Does writing on this blog or anyplace on the internet (or anyplace else TV, books, newspapers and such) have any possiblility to change anything anyways ? is it intractable ? (maybe that old block of text I wrote last year had a huge effect somewhere on the history of our civilization but I will never know ?) and in which direction do you want to change things, because I want to change it in the exact opposite direction you want to...


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