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Locked in a Box

Locked in a Box

So big box stores are better or worse ? good or bad ? trains are good or bad ? and so forth ? no they are nothing at all, neither or both or anything else since they are just invariant bits in the mind and such. They are just bits in the mind, just a picture, a design, a painting in the mind associated to good or bad, feeling good or bad, to winning or losing, but the bits are all the same, it doesn't matter what picture you put in the mind, what result, what sequence of events and such, only the connection to that set of bits and what it means, what it feels, who loses and who wins, and the denotations associated to them, the knowledge that some other mind is losing and winning counts, only the hard coded circuits connecting goals, results, wars, and fights and so forth and meanings to feelings create difference, create variations on a substrate that is invariant and meaningless and such. SO anything goes, anything can be better or worse than anything else, it is all irrelevant, meaningless, kill meaning and kill the circuits connecting events, pictures and designs to winning or losing, to good or bad, connect all the circuits and all designs to always winning, to winning no matter what design is in the mind, what set of bits, so you in always, you win, I win forever, no matter what anything will always make me win and such.

But all these debates, all the knowledge, all the information is just so many little logical blocks in the mind, just so many exercises of logic and language on concepts pretending to be achieving something and such, everyone showing off how they can reason and put toegether words too, words representing fights and goals and tasks and so forth and such, but it is like always being still, like being locked in a box, no matter how much more knowledge information, debates, words, concepts, no matter how many more blocks of texts and debates you throw at "problems" (another correlary of the idea that some bits are better than others and therefore must be changed into something else, no big box and yes to trains means the problems is the big box and the solution trains and such, but these are just bits and paths that you want the configuration of bits to follow and such, but it is jut a design, there is no better or worse and such) nothing changes (or you can invent that everything changes, who cares, lie to yourself, others and to god and the universe who cares, lying is ok, kill truth, kill any truth and such), just so many texts and logical segments, and so forth, and debates and fights and A against B, and replies to replies and so forth forever.

But it is as if one mind can conceive any blocks of texts and logical segments associated to a society or economy, but in the end the random, chaotic, contrasting forces of a society and economy can never be solved by one mind or any number of minds or any number of logical segments since any logic is not applicable to complex (nay, simple, simply a set of contrasting forces that minds want to group as a coherent entity when it is totally incoherent, not analyzable, not reducible to anything, not connected to any possible logic or an possible number of logical segments or debates no matter what and such) systems, so just give up, or keep on throwing information to problems and logical segments to problems forever and such, nothing will change, it is a mind locked in a box.

So the greens want to go back to the stone ages and such thinking that that is good, that that will make life better: what idiots, nothing further from the truth, either you have constant economical growth (we need wild growth, crazy growth!), constantly increasing consumerism, production, ever more things ever more of everything or you have poverty, and starvation, there is no alternative, there is no hippy land where you can just play in your little garden worshipping trees and such: either it is up or down, either economies become ever more large, complex, ever more energy consuming ever more bigger, ever more things, bigger and bigger projects, more and more production, trillions of ocean liners and rockets and skyscrapers and trillions of chips and so forth or you go backwards into having nothing at all, like africa, total starvation and wars and crap and such.

They are still hoping for the woodstock nation to become reality and such, they are still worshipping nature and such (, they still want to try to live in communes and common property things and such, totally out of time and space, that story failed 40 years ago, now we must produce like crazy, build like crazy, go towards the future, get rid of nature all together, nay punish nature, stick it to nature and the greens, stick em stick em, you win, do it, be a hog, show nature what a hog you are, show how to do what you want as you want, don't be under the thumbs of any morality, just do it, force it, force yourself to what you want, help yourself, don't let the fairy little greens stop you, just do it.. either you are part of the problem or part of the solution...

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