Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Up or Down

Up or Down

Either the economy grows, everything increases constantly, more cars sold worldwide, more energy use, more buildings, more everything and we go towards the future with ever larger, huge public private projects creating wealth, creating infrastructure for Man, creating the future like rockets and malls and consumerism, super consumerism, infinite growth, never ending growth, or we will go down, and become poor, dirt poor, sick and in pain and reach the stone ages in a few years if you are lucky.

There is no alternative: either it is this system of life, this techno-science system using ever more energy and using nature, as nature must be used, must be a tool for our needs, end of story, no more crying over fairy tale Nature ghosts as gods and such, no more imaginary good nature being there punishing us for our sins and such, nature is ours to use and punish and abuse as much as we want, we are the boss, there is no other boss, we are god, end of story, deal with it, give up and abide to the powers that be, to the powers that are stronger than you, that are letting you live, abide to the Man.

And of course, who cares how much profit the huge private corporations hog up minning the earth, building dams, building airports and high speed trains and highways and weapons, enough with this envy towards the winners and the rich, let them hog up as much profit and cash as possible by building and doing, yes we need trillions of fighter planes and warships and atom bombs and nuclear energy plants and particle accelerators, let the private corporations hog up all the profit they can, who cares, (I don't gain either way, but at least there will be loads of things built and such) this will trickle down to all in the form of huge number of jobs, wealth, free cash, cheap rents and so forth, so much real estate that it becomes free, it doesn't matter, technology will make us all super rich, this is the truth, the truth you all hate to hear, you all want to hear how everything is peaked, is dying, is ending, there is no more water, oil, energy, we are all doomed, this doom religion: well it is the exact opposite, we will go forward like crazy whether you like it or not, assholes.

And growth may be uneven, some countries will go down, others go up, but the end result, the accumulated and serialized result as in effort - work - labor accumulating result and such is that the worldwide economy will and must keep on growing, will keep on growing no matter what, it must, either that or nothing, or a stone age ape society made of little dictators, tyrants, poverty, violence, you name, societies as has been the norm for all of human history except the last 100 to 200 years thanks to the tehcnological economy freeing man from need, creating huge wealth for all with no corresponding labor needed but thanks to energy use, networks, highways, electronics, etc. huge economies of scale and such.

The average growth will continue, some countries will go down, some up, but the average will tend to some middle ground: the USA, EU and JAPAN will lose their wealth, some of it, maybe even 50 % in a few years, but China, India Brazil will gain that wealth, and it may even out, the world finally an even playing ground all with similar levels of wealth, a flat playing ground in a few years of such. The pattern is simple: the pay levels worldwide now fall in four windows, from 30 dollars a month in Somalia, to 100 in Vietnam to 300 in China to 800 in the EU and USA, end of story, 4 stages, 4 phases, 4 steps, so this will even out to a middle 600 dollars a month or so.

And growth may be choppy, it may be all over the place (and sometimes no place, all random chaotic), sometimes high sometimes low (some 3 % a year for 10 years in some places and times and then maybe -2 % for 10 years in that same place, all kinds of numbers and statistics, very nonlinear and such), chaotic, some places becoming dirt poor again like Europe, other places becoming hugely rich, all the statisical flukes cancel out in the end, it doesn't matter how choppy the lines are of growth worldwide and according to where, when and how, the end result will be forward, towards the future, towards the colonization of the solar system, towards saturating all of the earth with structures, buildings, malls, cars, ocean liners, jets, high speed trains, a completely sauturated earth, as it should be, thou shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. AMEN.

These green tree huggers are still hoping in some kind of alternative, some kind of fairy tale land of the hippies all stoned and all peace love and music and all nature loving when that was possible exactly because machines, cars, oil, the techno-science structure of society in the 1960s allowed so many young kids to idle on finally free from need, the first time in history where people were free from need (although the hippies mostly belonged to the upper middle classes, "radical chick" stuff but anyways): and that is their mistake and the mistake of all the greens and the old timers: they don't get it that that techno-science, the plastic society is the only society possible, that will free you from need, from hard work, free to goof around and such, and they are goofing around because if they ever worked in the farm fields like the chinese did until a few years ago, they would hate nature with all of their guts, as any normal person should, and in fact I am so glad china is building like crazy, polluting their air like crazy, they are going forwards, they will solve their problems because they haven't been poisoned by the nature loving thugs, the green thugs in the USA and EU, like the idiotic germans wanting to get off nuclear energy: what crazy thugs, what craps, the cleanest, best energy in the world and now for some religious ideological reason they want to shut them down, what clowns, thugs, idiots, stick em!

SO either it is this society or no society, this economy (with ever increasing consumerism and waste and energy use, pollution (is so cool!) and all) or no economy at all, this or nothing, this or poverty, extreme poverty and starvation, there is no middle ground, either all or nothing, either plastic society or pain and the third world stone age crap, go to the poorest in africa to see how nice it is to live without the creature comforts and consumerisms jackasses!

Now either you are part of the problem or part of the solution: be part of the solution, build and waste and consume like crazy!

ape thug

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